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Ava Praschnik


Hey everyone!! My name is Ava, I'm 19 and the creator of Yumiami, pronounced "Yum-Miami." Food has always been an outlet of my happiness. For me, food is an event, not just the intake of calories. It is something that has captured my attention ever since I was young, and I am hoping to make it my career.

Growing up, I never ate the "traditional" foods most children ate. My Mom introduced me to exotic foods which had no business on a young child's plate, but it was that introduction that started my love affair with food... Whenever we went out to a restaurant, it was clear I was always more excited about the food than the actual event. And before arriving,  I would go online to see the menu - I couldn't wait. I had a reputation for always holding up the meal, while I photographed the food. My friends were always embarrassed since I used the flash and it always brought a lot of attention to us.  What began as innocent food photography, eventually led into my food blog on Instagram. 

Starting a blog was something I always wanted to do, I just never had the courage or knowledge how to begin. I thought it would be the perfect start, since my dream job is to work at INSIDER as a food reporter. Following other food bloggers on Instagram eventually inspired me to start my own blog.

So here I am;  I have taken the plunge and I am now creating a website to share my passion for food with all of you. I hope these "best eat" restaurants come in handy whether you're looking for a night out with the girls, date night, a formal dinner, or anything in between. And remember, when the guilt sets in for wanting more of what you love to eat, just ask yourself "diet...what diet?"

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