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Glass & Vine

The scenery here is beautiful. There are lights all over the trees, which make it seem like you're in a wonderland (how romantic ) *hint hint * date night alert! Majority of the seating is outside and there's always a nice breeze.The food is great and extremely flavorful. 10/10

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Sapore Di Mare

The best pasta everrr. Fresh truffles in a creamy sauce.. heaven. This item isn't on the menu but just order the "cheese bowl" and they will know exactly what you're talking about since it's so popular! They mix it right in front of you to incorporate all the goodness! They have other great pastas and salads to choose from too!


Bombay Dar Bar

My all time favorite Indian restaurant. Everything here is so authentic and to die for. Their naan bread is sooo good and they have so many different curry flavors! The atmosphere is very exotic and service is excellent! Definitely one of the best Indian restaurants in Miami.

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