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4 Best açaí bowls in Miami!

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Ooh Raw

This picture basically speaks for itself. You can just taste the deliciousness! If you're looking for a boujie açaí bowl, this is the place! You have the option to get any of their açaí bowls in different fruit bowls... I mean how cool is that?! If you're a fan of fruit bowls, put this on the top of your "to go" list! P.S- great insta photo opportunity!

Raw Juice

Another great place! Everything from here is ridiculously good&fresh. They have alot of substitutes to make your bowl ~extra healthy. They also have amazing cold pressed juices, and you can sample all of them! My go to bowl: Berry Hemp Banana (top) There's even bits of dark choclate! Yumm.

MyRoots Juice bar

The cutest little shop! Their bowls are great and beautifully presented! They have many other options like salads, smoothies, and filling meals. Their portions are huge and a good price for what it is. Their granola is so good; so crunchy!

Jamba Juice

To be honest, Jamba Juice bowls are completely under rated! Not only do they have great smoothies, their bowls are a good size and taste pretty darn good. Next time you go to Jamba for your daily smoothie, switch it up and try one of their bowls! They have several different options!

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