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5 Best pizza restaurants in Miami!

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Harry's Pizzeria

Known for their unique pizza toppings, Harry's is one of my favorite pizza joints out there! From toppings ranging from croquettes, all the way to potatoes you'll try a bit of everything here!

Steves Pizza

I've been going to Steves ever since I came out of the womb. This pizza is one like no other. They use a sweet tomato sauce which is amazinggg(I could bathe in it) Their pizza is always extra crispy and thin. I recommend just getting plain cheese and then work your way up to more toppings. Pro tip- bring a pen, you're able to write your name on the booths and tables which gives this place a homey feeling.

Sir Pizza

Man, sir pizza just hits differently. Their pizza is cut into these perfect, crispy squares where the cheese just melts in your mouth. I have never heard a single complaint about this place. It's THAT good. Make sure to get a side of ranch! Thats what makes it :)


Lucali serves up some pretty darn good pizza. Kinda random, but their mushrooms are so good. They serve them In thin slices and they literally melt in your mouth (sorry for all you mushroom haters, you're missing out) Their crust is so crispy, 10/10.

Apizza Brooklyn

I actually just found out about this place and I wish I heard of it sooner! This was the best margarita pizza I ever had. I've never had such thin pizza which falls apart in your mouth from the first bite. It's the perfect amount of sauce and cheese. There's only one word to describe it: WOW.

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