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8 Must try brunch/breakfast in Miami!

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Cecilie's Bakery

If you like French food, this place is for you! With their croissants and beautifully presented pastries, you're basically in France. These Strawberry Foster Pancakes had crunchy hazelnut pieces in them, giving it the perfect crunch.

Lulu's In The Grove

Located In the heart of the Grove, Lulu's holds a special place in my heart, especially for brunch. With their outrageous waffle flavors that range from Oreo, Red Velvet all the way to S'mores, you can't go wrong with any of them. The wait time is a bit long, so I recommend getting there as early as possible to be seated ASAP! Oh, and their house fries are a must! Soo crispy

Green Street Cafe

If I just talked about Lulu's and left out Green Street that would be such a disgrace. Located right opposite Lulu's, houses this gem. Here, their famous dish is the Nutella stuffed French toast, or any other, like this Coconut Crusted French Toast, so good! They have a whole bunch of different breakfast options too!

Beaker and Gray

I loveee this restaurant. Service is great, food is great and ambiance is great. I just discovered their brunch a few months ago and i'm obsessed. Must try: Corn Flake French Toast and the Spanish Tortilla

Three Fold Cafe

Love it here! The absolute cutest little restaurant. Located all over Miami, you can't go wrong with anything off their menu. This bowl was perfect! The fried egg on top made it. A little bit of spice and crunch.. the perfect breakfast.

Chocolate Fashion

My favoriteee French restaurant since I was 10. All I can say is order every single pastry off the menu and get a side of their delicious potatoes!! Everyone is so friendly here and they have such a wide selection of pastries, tarts, and baguettes to choose from. Visit ASAP!


This will be one of the most elegant brunches you'll ever have. All their desserts could be models because of how beautifully presented they are! Each one is so delicate with the cutest added details. When you take that first bit, you instantly fall in love. They have have a glass window to see the bakers making the pastries from scratch! Such pretty desserts, I can't!!

Tasty Beach Cafe

Tasty Beach is known for their crazy creations! Their famous dishes are their cookie dough pancakes, fruity pebbles and cinnamon toast crunch French toast, slutty brownies, amazing muffins, and their outrageous cookie burger!

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