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5 Best sushi restaurants Miami!

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Pubbely sushi

One of my all time favorite restaurants! Everything on the menu is to die for, especially the butter crab roll, big eye tuna, and salmon roll! If you're looking for a semi formal dine, this is the place to go!


This Japanese and Peruvian sushi joint has some creative and extravagant rolls! Everything here is fantastic, especially the hot corn nuts you receive as a starter! Their sushi is so flavorful with so many different toppings!


A super elegant restaurant, great for date night. The ambiance is beautiful and service is great. It is located in the heart of Brickell and you can watch your sushi be made in front of you at the bar! This citrus roll, is one of my favorites! Highly recommended.


Hillstone has the best fish! Every roll is fresh and the tuna just melts in your mouth! They have everything here, but the sushi is one of the bests I have ever had.


Matsuri is my go to if I am craving any sushi roll. Their prices are affordable and all their rolls are amazing! Also, they have great platters. Great spread to have for get togethers!

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