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16 Must try desserts in Miami!

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Taiyaki NYC

Located in Wynwood, these cute fish ice creams satisfy every sweet tooth! With their warm soft cone, filled with red bean at the bottom, you're guaranteed to enjoy this delicious ice cream. Be sure to try my favorite flavor- black sesame!

The Salty Donut

Not to be dramatic or anything, but every single donut from here is amazing!! You really can't get any better donuts than these. All of them are gourmet and are 24hr brioche donuts! My recommendation is the Tres Leches donut, or flan donut (seasonal) Just be careful, sometimes they are too pretty to eat, but go ahead and take that bite!

Night Owl

Everyones favorite cookie company! Night owl is open until 2am to satisfy everyones late night cravings! Their cookies are served warm and gooey. I don't know what their secret cookie dough recipe is, but it's definitely worth a million bucks! My faves: Ave Marie and Cookies & Cream


This simple dessert is one of my faves. The soft serve vanilla ice cream, with creamy Italian ice is a combo like no other. All their flavors are true to their taste and they give free samples!! Make sure to get a gelati- ice cream and Italian ice. Super affordable as well! hehe.

OMG Brigadeiros

Now C'mon.. how can you resist these adorable little bites, also know as brigadeiros, a staple Brazilian dessert made with condensed milk, butter, and cocoa powder covered with different toppings! They are chocolatey and fudgy, what else could you ask for?!

Knaus Berry Cinnamon buns

Okay, lets get this straight. If this is your first time hearing of kanas berry buns, you simply have not lived ( just a joke lol) This gooey, warm sticky bun is one like no other. They are so good, people wait in line for up to 5 hours for them! I guarantee you it will be the best cinnamon roll you'll ever have! Thank me later. Just look at the stickiness in that picture!

Milky Way Cereal Bar

Imagine getting your favorite cereal and adding it to ice cream! Well Milky Way does that for you! With all the cereal flavors, the options are endless! Great tasting ice cream and you get to eat your own creation!

Tres Leches from Hillstone

Not only is the Tres leches the best I've ever had, but it's also the prettiest! I genuinely think it could make the cover of vogue... This spongey, custardy cake just melts in your mouth. Toped off with a delicious caramel sauce it is to die forrrr! Oh, and it's somewhat healthy! There's fruit.. am I right?!

Cookie burger from Tasty Beach Cafe

Now this is my type of burger! Filled with strawberries, whipped cream, toasted marshmallow, Nutella, and a brownie topped with 2 massive cookies.. it's basically heaven. Make sure you take all your friends with you to devour this beauty!

Pink Pie

These tiny pies are voted best pies in Florida! Even though they are mini, boy oh boy are the delicious! My two favorites (which are a must try) the Red Velvet and Lemon Merengue. The crust is absolutely phenomenal and the filling inside is even better! Soo creamy and delicious. Just typing it right now makes me want a bite!

Morelia Gourmet Paletas

Gourmet palettes where you can pick it, dip it, and top it! There is such a wide variety of different flavors that range from tart, to chocolate, to fruit! Then you have melted white, milk and dark chocolate to dip your paleta in, and then comes the toppings! The combinations are endless. My fave: S'mores paleta covered in toasted marshmallow fluff. Sometimes I add a drizzle of Nutella!

Midtown Creamery

Homemade lucky charms rice Krispy bowl topped off with cake batter ice cream! At Midtown Creamery, you're given the option to enjoy any ice cream in a bowl shaped rice Krispy with so many different cereal options, like Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Oreo cereal. They also have rice Krispy ice cream sandwiches. The options are endless!

Arroz con Leche from Vaylas

So this might not look the best, but it is fire! When my friend first told me about this dessert, I was skeptical of the flavor and thought it would be terrible, but oh was I wrong! (shoutout to Sophie) Think rice pudding, but better! The sticky condensed milk and horchata flavored ice makes the perfect afternoon snack!

Phenomenom Cookies

This picture basically speaks for itself. Just look at how gooey. Each cookie is served warm and you can turn any into an ice cream sandwich. They are soo soft inside they all just melt in your mouth. My faves: Sugar and Red Velvet.

Fireman Dereks Pie shop

Crack pie, get the crack pie.. did I mention get the crack pie? (first pic) This is honestly the best pie i've ever had. It's so addicting and chewy and sweet and just overall so bomb. It is one of their best selling pies but everything at their shop is (almost) equally as good as that pie. Warning: take one bite and you might become addicted...


Pavlova from Piononos

The only word to describe this dessert is fantastic. For those who don't know, pavlova is a dessert layered with meringue at the bottom, dulce de leche, and any type of fruit on top. The strawberries are perfectly sliced and the meringue is chewy and crunchy. It's honestly one of the best desserts you'll try. They sell little bite sizes incase you don't want to buy a whole one! But trust me, you'll want as much as you can get.

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